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    When is the deadline to enter SIO?
    Does my entry have to be an original?
    Can I enter my vehicle(s) from a country other than the USA?


    When is the deadline to enter SIO?


    Deadline for accepting and approving an entry application from is thirty (30) calendar days before the judging date. Judging date will be at the end of every twelve calendar months for each season, or the next business day of the END DATE of each season. The subsequent new judging shall be on the last business day of the calendar month of the next season. All entries for each season must be received by 11:59 PM CST, on the thirtieth day of the previous calendar month preceding the last business day of that season, and a judging from all eligible entries will be conducted on or about the first business day of the following season.




    Does my entry have to be an original?


    Yes, SIO only accepts original entries. When we say original, we are hoping for more unique creations to create an impact on the world scene when we show your entry. You are encouraged to support your entry by adding in your entry form a statement to present to us in what way the main features of your entry is unique. We do, however, accept entries that although state they are not copied, and that they really are original but still look or appear somewhat similar to existing or past designs that have been presented on social media. So, if the main / prominent features and designs were already presented before by someone else or very similar (in public domain) the entry may not benefit from any special scores in the creativity criteria in judging. Don’t worry, as long as you feel confident about your design and do your best our judges will look at it.




    Can I enter my vehicle(s) from a country other than the USA?


    Yes, SIO was designed for countries outside the USA and accepts and welcomes entries from all over the world. Refer to the Participating Countries list at the footer of the competition page. However, you should check and make sure that there are no state regulations or legal restrictions from your state or country for you to participate in this competition.