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    Guide to taking your photos

    Providing clear, close-up & brightly shot photos will help the report. You don’t need a professional camera to do this, a mobile phone with a resolution of at least 4 Megapixels (HD mode) would normally be sufficient. Here’s our few important suggestions for taking effective shots of the product:

    1. Shoot the product as well as its accessories and packaging, including the serial number label/printing if you find it;
    2. Shoot the subject matters from as many angles as you feel will be useful;
    3. Shoot images with the entire full-bodied product, as well as close-ups. Make sure you have both and not just one type;
    4. Make sure all pictures are in focus, not blurred or distorted images. Do not upload shaky pictures;
    5. Shoot all images under ample lighting in a room. Do not shoot at night. If the surrounding is brightly lit, you don’t need to trigger your camera flash, otherwise flash the photo if the image appears dim;
    6. Do not download, save and upload images from other websites. If you would like to show us an alleged fake BM product being displayed on another website, simply let us know their URL;
    7. File technical recommendations (for your own photographed images only):
      1. Save the picture in JPEG/JPG format only. This is the only format we accept;
      2. File size: each file no less than 2Mb , but not bigger than 5Mb;
      3. File numbers: minimum of 3, maximum of 5 photos PER product;
      4. File resolution: 200dpi per image;
      5. Photos must be in color; other than texts, images should not be digitally filtered or processed to create special effects;
      6. Texts: all written texts must be in (or already translated to) English only.