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    BM Audio encourages all its fans to show off their prized creation through our online ‘Show-It-Off’ challenge – a show-off challenge for amateurs and professionals alike. This is a competition that is tied-in to genuine BM Audio amps, component drivers and subs, which must be purchased and installed in a vehicle of the entrant. Show us how unique your system design in your vehicle is and how special your car audio system installation looks and sounds like with BM Audio products.

    If you had always desired for a great sounding system with awesome looks, you can be sure that’s what you can get from BM Audio. However, if you think you can add more to your system with exceptional creativity and would like to share that special creation with us and others, then the Show-It-Off (SIO) challenge can let others see if you have what it takes, and see how many think you do! There are rules that you have to follow in order to participate in the SIO challenge so make sure you first read, understand and follow all the rules in the Official Competition Rules.


    Sharing and popularity
    Upload your work to as many of the official BM AUDIO social networking sites as you can on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Once you have, inform us again officially via the competition entry application form here.  But before you can start applying for entry into the competition, your entry needs to be already uploaded on at least one of those sites for no less than 6 months. If your verified entry has fulfilled this basic requisite, you can stand to receive a set of free BM Audio decal. Furthermore, if your verified entry is uploaded more than 6 months, and it has at least 10,000 likes, you will receive a free BM Audio apparel or merchandise of the month. Now, if your upload has met BOTH the above 2 criteria, you may then consider applying and submitting your entry into the SIO challenge. Send us a copy of the work and submit your video / photos to our judges.  Your work may (or may not) be uploaded or featured on any of our official or affiliated websites.  To summarize, your work must remain on the social sites and have met the following conditions to qualify for SIO consideration for the prize:
    -    At least have been uploaded for no less than 6 months on at least one of those social network sites
    -    To qualify for the SIO competition, entries should have received at least 10,000 “likes”.  The higher the no. of “likes” garnered on your work at
         those sites the better your standing will be with the judges. The number of “likes” will not guarantee the entry will win the award, but may boost your
         chances of getting more attention from our panel of judges.  
    -    At least one subwoofer, and at least one amplifier must be from BM Audio.  The more the products you use are from BM Audio, promotes higher
         your consideration standing
    -    All BM Audio products used in entry vehicle must be genuine, or purchased through your local authorized BM distributor. Used but genuine,
         well-refurbished BM Audio products may be accepted for consideration.  Entries must be verified by the local BM authorized distributor of the
         authenticity of the products, the products used in the car of the entry must be (with the car driven to) verified by the authorized BM distributor
         appointed by us
    -    No two cars used two separate entries are allowed to have the same vehicle registration plate number, chassis design and color

    There are two categories – the Video category, and the Photograph category.  Prizes and judging for these categories are different. More weight will be allocated to the video category. Refer to the Official Competition Rules and Guide to Documenting Your Entry in there for details on how to create and prepare your SIO entry’s content. When you submit your entry to us, you are granting us the rights and authority to use your data, video/photos/texts.  We will use this right and discretion to upload it to any of our operated websites, or any other social networking site, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or other sites not mentioned here to gauge its maximum popularity potential. Our uploading or featuring your entry or any part thereof, however does not constitute to your winning the SIO prize.  Entries that have been verified by our authorized distributors, and that qualify for judging shall be classified as entrants of this competition for each season. All entries will be judges at the end of the season by our panel of judges. If there is a winner, the winner will be announced on the Winner page.  If no entries are awarded the SIO award for that season, there is no winner for that season. Prizes will not snowball into the next season. 


    The creation needs to be inspirational and not copied from another’s work. Here are some tips on what we the jury may be looking out for. The entries of all models we receive will be judged by a panel of judges, or jury based mainly upon:
    ●    Overall coolness
    ●    Inspiring design details
    ●    Coherence and theme
    ●    Combination of BM AUDIO products
    ●    Well thought out functionality
    ●    Creativity and imaginativeness
    ●    Installation skill and grade
    The creation Other basic aspects like positioning, artistic merit and quality of originally created video/images will also be taken into account.  Entries with a high popularity on social networks (such as “likes” or “shares”) will no doubt attract the attention of our judging. However, winning vehicles don't exactly get awarded by “likes” popularity alone or by how many times they are “shared”. Many valuable factors, including all the above will contribute points to the entry’s score. Entries will only be judged in the competition of the SEASON they were submitted. You may resubmit entries to be considered in a different Season’s competition if you think your model was so good it deserves a second round. We want you to make your design as amazing as possible. The entrant needs to sit down and decide what the design is and how that can be accomplished, how much budget you have at your disposal to accomplish that and whether it’s realistic to attain. You should work with a professional installer (or have professional skills) so everything is connected, secured, built and installed properly. Ideally your entry will be show-worthy, with stand-out features that can instantly turn heads. Picking an installer with competition or show experience will help you avoid neglecting any crucial merit points.
    And because this is Show-It-Off challenge, we are expecting attention to detail too.

    There may at most be only one winner, or no winner at all if we cannot find any entry that is good enough for the BM Audio Show-It-Off award title for that season. Each season’s duration is one year. If there is a winner for that season, the SIO award will go to that winner and the winner will receive BM Audio’s official Show-It-Off Master Trophy and the grand Prize announced on the Award page. The unique Show-It-Off trophy is NOT sold and can only be won in the official SIO challenge competition.  There are no 1st or 2nd runners-up.

    Note: If you have entries which you have uploaded to an approved or competition-accepted social site but your entry has not been verified by our authorized BM distributor, please notify us either through your entry or e-mail of that link to that page to receive our information on an available BM distributor to verify your entry immediately.  Entries that cannot be verified due to absence of an authorized distributor cannot officially qualify for the SIO judging or any of the free merchandize, but you are still welcome to submit your entry photos/videos to us through our official form for evaluation.  If we are able to verify its authenticity, you may be eligible to receive the same non-entry gifts that verified entries stand to receive.

    Prize will be announced on Award page. The winner may be requested to drive winning entry vehicle with identification documents matching entry form to distributor for verification of vehicle before prize can be claimed by winner.   

    If you wish to enter the SIO competition, please read the Official Competition Rules now, check your eligibility and whether you have ensured that all qualification criteria are met. Remember to read the Official Competition Rules first before you fill the entry application form and submit it to see if your entry is successfully accepted or not.  We will inform you by e-mail after your submission has been received and evaluated.

    BM Events team.