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    Important Warning on Competitions, Prizes or Lucky Draws not organized, offered or authorized by BM Audio Labs, Inc.


    It has come to our attention that unscrupulous person(s) or organization(s) may be using our name of BM Audio Labs, Inc. or confusingly similar names in what appears to be attempts to defraud the public of valuables or money. These activities are generally conducted via telephone (call, messaging, SMS) or internet (e-mail, messaging) and may illegally make reference to BM Audio Labs, Inc. or our website. These scammers may also purport to represent the genuine events organized by us or any of our affiliates or partners. Victims of these scams are told to send money in advance, which is then retained by the fraudulent operator, in order to collect a dubious prize.


    ATTENTION: Competitions that are officially organized and offered by BM Audio Labs, Inc. must first appear on our official website BM Audio Labs, Inc. will not ask the public to send any entry fee, cash money or payment in kind of any sort to enter a competition or event, or cash payment to proceed further into the competition, or to claim a prize. BM Audio Labs, Inc. has never authorized, and would not authorize any person or organization to make any demands or requests for any cash payment or collateral of any kind in return for entry into any competition, event, or to claim a prize or qualify for a lucky draw.


    Other than from or through our official website, if you are offered any "prize" or approached to participate in any competition, lucky draw, or join a membership, DO NOT accept, DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY and DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION (including your bank account details).


    The public assumes full responsibility for their own protection against any impersonators, bogus e-mails, bogus telephones, fraudsters or scams pretending to represent us or our genuine events or competition, or those who advertise events or competitions not authorized or organized by us. BM Audio Labs, Inc., its subsidiaries, holding companies, affiliated companies, directors, employees, partners and distributors shall in no way be responsible or liable for any losses or damages suffered by the public arising from such scams of any kind including losses resulting from internet fraud, phishing, malware, viruses, malicious codes or impersonated e-mails which the public may potentially encounter. BM Audio Labs, Inc., its subsidiaries, holding companies, affiliated companies, directors, employees, partners and distributors will not be liable (whether in tort or contract or otherwise) for any purported prizes or other "offers" which have been made by other organizations or persons who do not represent us, or those made without our authorization, or for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by any party who supplies his or her personal information or who pays money to any organizations or persons who have not been authorized by us.


    The public should remain vigilant by themselves towards any activities run by scammers who operate from a number of organizations that are attempting to defraud people of money through the use of non-authorized websites or companies, including other ways which may unlawfully be impersonating or using our names or our affiliated companies and partners.


    The official website of BM Audio Labs, Inc. is, or equally reached via redirection by typing any of these three addresses:,, Shareholders, investors, customers and members of the public are advised to take utmost care that their requests and correspondence are directed to BM Audio Labs, Inc. only via the channels set out in these official website addresses.


    Should you have any queries regarding these matters, please contact us via email at